Phonics for Adults

People ask, “Can I use phonics with adults?
The answer is, of course,
but make sure both the content and materials are age appropriate and
externally evaluated by literacy experts.
That’s what’s on offer from That Reading Thing.

Watch “Spelling for Ages 10-110” , 3 short videos which come with free resources for getting started.

 Buy TRT for Teachers, my little book of strategies for the classroom.

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Age appropriate strategies for older or adult learners 

Mary Bird-Lowry
Published on
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Read it entirely in one sitting. Very easy read and I actually recommended it to a few parents who want to know the nitty-gritty of their student’s reading difficulties and why many strategies, even some that they have been using at home, have not been successful or have even been counterproductive. The author gives hope to parents that, even at the high school level, their student can learn to read. I have used some of the strategies with a high school student in the summer tutoring program and he is making very good progress. There are several handy tables at the end of the book.